TSL AMU1-BHD Audio monitoring unit

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The AMU1-BHD is a full rack 1RU x 350mm deep Audio Monitoring Unit with a

TSL Bargraph.

The following features are standard:

• One HD/SDV auto sensing input.

• Two AES/EBU inputs.

• Four switch selectable stereo analogue inputs.

• One TSL Stereo High resolution 106 segment Bargraph Meter..

• Phase reverse switch.

• Phase correlation bargraph.

• Re clocked output of either HD or SDV

• Decoded PAL/NTSC composite (SDV only)

• Optional additive output switch selection.

• Additional SDV output if SDV is used on input

• Headphone outputs with LS muting.

• Fixed and variable stereo line outputs.

Technical Details

Power Supply

 Supply Voltage 12 Volts DC

 Power Consumption 35 watts Max.

Physical Dimensions

 Height 88mm (2RU)

 Width 483mm

 Depth 280mm

 Weight 3.5Kg

Analogue Input 1 & 2

 Connector Type XLR 3 pin. Pin 1 Gnd, Pin 2 hot, Pin 3 cold.

 Signal Balanced line level audio.

 Frequency Response 30Hz to 25kHz

 Impedance >20kΩ

Analogue Inputs 3 & 4

Connector Type D25

 Signal Balanced line level audio.

 Frequency Response 30Hz to 25kHz ±1dB

 Impedance >20kΩ

Inputs AES 1 & AES2.

 Connector Type XLR (F) 3 pin. Pin 1 Gnd,Pin 2 hot,Pin 3cold


 Standard AES3 (1994) 32, 44.1, 48, 96 KHz

 Impedance Balanced110 Ohm. (BNC unbalanced 75

 Ohm option)

Input, HDV/SDV (auto sensing)

 Connector Type BNC.

 Standard SMPTE 259M 4:2:2 component 525/60

 or 625/50 with embedded 48kHz audio.

HDSDI (SMPTE 292M) – 720P & 1080i @ 50,

59.94 & 60Hz

 Impedance 75ohm

 Return Loss <-20dB to 1.5GHz


Re clocked Output

Return Loss < -15dB up to 1.5GHz

Connector BNC

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