Trilogy Orator System 36 Port Orator Matrix

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  • Model Number: Orator System
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Trilogy’s Orator Intercom system is comprised of a fully digital central matrix, a range of operator  control panels and interfaces, all configured from a PC running PathFinder, the Windows based  programming package. 

Orator can be used in any situation where reliable, full duplex, broadcast quality communications  between users are required. These users may be sitting at desks operating other equipment, walking  around a studio floor operating cameras or acting as floor managers these may even be in another  building or country.

Orator can be used in applications such as television, radio, post production and mobile facilities, in  fact anywhere that a comprehensive but easy to use method of communication is needed. 

Since its introduction in 1999 several hundred Orator systems have been installed around the world.  All central processes are digital, giving the benefits of simple mixing and comprehensive level  control, whilst external interfaces are analogue, simplifying connection to cameras and external lines  etc, via audio patch fields as required. 

For larger applications requiring up to 576 ports Trilogy’s Commander digital matrix offers the ideal  solution. Commander shares the same control panels and interfaces as Orator, and is also  programmable via a PC. 

The latest Trilogy development in intercom is the Mercury Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)  system; with full connectivity to Commander and Orator matrices it gives a flexible, expandable and  future proof system. 

Technical Details
          • Standard 19” (483mm) rack mounting, either 1RU or 2RU
          • Multi‐function, configurable operation, lever keys for talk/listen etc.
            5 Character alpha‐numeric displays for each key assignment
          • Integral mains power supply
          • Built‐in electret microphone and front panel mounted loudspeaker with level control and programmable CUT switch
          • Internal microphone and speaker amplifier parameter controls
          • Configurable operator’s level/assignment/function controls (rotary encoders)
          • Operator ability to adjust individual input, output and cross‐point levels/gains (via rotary encoders)
          • Operator ability to program keys (via easy to use the alphabet based listings, operated by rotary encoders)
          • Panels include standard footswitch connector, GPI in and out connector, audio facilities connector, and RJ45 matrix connector.
          • Panels can be looped through to expand the number of keys available.
          • Adjacent panel talk mute/dim to prevent feedback when closely located panels talk to any panel with an open microphone. 
          • A headset socket with associated selector switch

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