Trilogy orator intercom 450-00-00b 18 port system

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Trilogy’s Orator Intercom system is comprised of a fully digital central matrix, a range of operator control panels and interfaces, all configured from a PC running PathFinder, the Windows based programming package.

Orator can be used in any situation where reliable, full duplex, broadcast quality communications between users are required. These users may be sitting at desks operating other equipment, walking around a studio floor operating cameras or acting as floor managers these may even be in another building or country.

 Orator can be used in applications such as television, radio, post production and mobile facilities, in fact anywhere that a comprehensive but easy to use method of communication is needed.

Since its introduction in 1999 several hundred Orator systems have been installed around the world. All central processes are digital, giving the benefits of simple mixing and comprehensive level control, whilst external interfaces are analogue, simplifying connection to cameras and external lines etc, via audio patch fields as required.

For larger applications requiring up to 576 ports Trilogy’s Commander digital matrix offers the ideal solution. Commander shares the same control panels and interfaces as Orator, and is also programmable via a PC.

 The latest Trilogy development in intercom is the Mercury Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system; with full connectivity to Commander and Orator matrices it gives a flexible, expandable and future proof system.

Technical Details
  • Panel Configuration, using a graphic of the panel type selected (on a port by port basis) and graphical indications of key types (speak, listen, speak/listen etc). There are over 50 key types available that can be selected to simplify day to day changes.
  • Gains, where all gains can be adjusted if required, including matrix input, output and crosspoint.
  • Dimming, where inter‐panel dimming (called Mirror Dimming, allowing the duplex audio routes to be dimmed whilst leaving any selected 4 wire listens unaffected) can be set either globally on or a panel by panel basis. Group dimming can also be assigned if panels are grouped physically on a desk to ensure communication is not affected by howlround.
  • Conferences, allowing pre‐configuration of both small and large conferences, with or without 4 wires.
  • Groups, two types of groups are available, Production Talkback type group configuration including panels, cameras and 4 wires and Target groups where one key can address many destinations.
  • IFB’s, allowing set‐up of a number of IFB circuits with source, destination and priorities. Any port on an Orator can be an IFB port without hardware changes, and IFB’s can be partially assigned in PathFinder and completed live with fast IFB assign keys on control panels.
  • Logics, full function logics including GPI inputs and outputs from both the GPI card(s) and control panels, with extensive programming to give audio routes and tallies from GPI’s.
  • Telephone, enabling connection of Orator through a range of analogue and digital hybrids to telephone lines, for external connectivity. Incoming calls can be routed to general groups for answering, with or without ringing, or held pending the caller dialing a specific panel. Outgoing calls can either be auto‐dialed from stored numbers or dialed on a key‐pad panel.
  • Fixed Crosspoints, to enable connections to/from external circuits as an alternative to listen keys. 

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