Trilogy Mentor Plus Digital SPG/TSG TYPE 350

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The Trilogy 350 Mentor Plus Synchronising Pulse Generator is one of the most flexible units available on the market today.Trilogy Mentor Plus Digital SPG/TSG TYPE 350

It is suitable for any digital or mixed format environment where a high quality Digital SPG is required. As standard, the unit is provided with five analogue black and burst outputs. Optional modules allow high quality PAL and/or component waveforms to be generated.

The digital television environment is catered for with a standard output of an AES/EBU digital audio reference and "SDI" digital serial test pattern generator. Optionally, additional SDI test pattern generator modules, a second AES/EBU digital audio reference generator (with SDI reference black generator) and/or an analogue VITC to SDI translator may be fitted.

Mentor Plus is fitted, as standard, with an oven-controlled reference oscillator allowing the unit to be used either a station master or as a slave.

The main black/burst generator provides 3 co-timed outputs, whereas two further outputs provide independent timing relative to the main output. This gives total timing freedom with adjustment of ±4 fields (±2 fields NTSC) relative to the main output in 0.5ns steps.

This User Guide concentrates on the operational aspects of the unit and includes a full technical specification. A maintenance handbook is also available.

We hope you are pleased with this equipment. If you have any problems or wish to suggest improvements to this product or for future products, please contact Trilogy Broadcast Limited where our staff will be available to assist you.


Technical Details

•Full Broadcast Master Digital SPG/TSG - Genlock or Free running

•Precision “master” oscillator as standard fitment

•Switchable 525/625 operation

•3 independently timed black and burst outputs

•Timing range of ±4 fields (±2 fields NTSC)

•Digital video test signal output

•Digital AES/EBU Audio Tones/Silence output and Analogue Audio Tone output

•Mixed sync and 10MHz/27MHz outputs and 10MHz reference input

•Meets EU EMC requirements

•Timing resolution Accuracy of 0.5ns

•Multiple optional test signal outputs


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