Trilogy MasterMind SPG/TSG Changeover type 330

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Trilogy MasterMind SPG/TSG Changeover type 330

The Trilogy MasterMind Changeover unit, type 330-00-xx, provides failure detection for a pair of synchronising pulse generators (SPGs), and the mechanism to switch between them automatically or manually. Although the unit is designed as a companion to the Trilogy Mentor XL SPG, the MasterMind may be used for any monitoring and/or switching purpose, and with SPGs of other manufacture.

As standard, a single 330-12-00 module provides monitoring of sync pulse and colour burst level, for both “A” (main) and “B” (reserve) black/burst SPG feeds. Changeover is implemented by relay, defaulting to the “A” channel on power fail. A 330-07-00 three channel relay board is also fitted as standard to allow other video feeds to be switched.

Typical applications include switching test signals or pulse outputs. An optional SDI monitoring and changeover module is available. This decodes the data stream and checks for the presence of the correct timing/framing words. Active buffers implement the changeover. Modular in its construction, the MasterMind allows (over and above the standard configuration) up to 6 additional modules to be fitted. One slot is reserved exclusively for an AES/EBU digital audio module.

The remaining slots might typically be used to provide the unit with a total of three black/burst modules and two serial digital video modules. Alternatively a second 330-07-00 relay changeover module may be fitted in place of two of these additional modules, to provide a total of six changeover relays for miscellaneous video feeds.

Technical Details
  • Mains Power Requirement    90-260 V, 47-63 Hz, 40 VA maximum, depending on number of option boards fitted.
  • Height    44 mm (1U rack mounting)
  • Depth    435 mm (excluding mating connectors)
  • Width     482.6 mm (including rack ears)
  • Width      450 mm (excluding rack ears)
  • Type         Open Collector
  • Max.          Voltage 50 V D.C.
  • Max.          current 500 mA

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