Trilogy Commander telephone interface

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This utility allows software to be updated on certain hardware items from the Commander range. These are: -

500-02-1xTalkback Controller

500-01-10TDM Controller

500-08-10Changeover Controller

500-3x-3xSeries control panels

500-40-0xSeries expansion control panels

500-41-0xDesktop Control Panels

The program operates in conjunction with: -

Archipel transputer link adaptor card fitted to a desktop PC

Sundance SMT104 PCMCIA card fitted to a laptop PC

Sundance SMT104 plus PCMCIA/ISA adaptor kit fitted to a desktop PC

500-16-03Download Converter

Note that the Programming Kit will only operate when a transputer download adaptor has been supplied. More recent systems use RS422 or RS232 download adaptors. These are not suitable for re-programming.

An alternate connection cable must be used – the supplied cable is manufactured with violet coloured wire. It is not interchangeable with the download lead, which is normally coloured grey. An additional adaptor is required for programming the 500-08-10Changeover Controller. See6.2.4.4 for further details.

If the matrix hardware is being reprogrammed, the Intercom system will not operate until the procedure is complete. If the Talkback Controller is to be reprogrammed, a Version upgrade (e.g. 4.15 to 4.16) will also erase the configuration flash RAM. This may not be the case with incremental upgrades (e.g. 4.15c to 4.15d), but it would be wise to ensure that the latest configurations are available on disk, ready for download.

Technical Details










































485mm wide x 88.9mm high x 80mm deep (approx. including







PSU and mating connectors).







19” x 2RU rack mounting












500-45-00 /500-46-00







485mm wide x 44.5mm high x 80mm deep (approx. including







PSU and mating connectors).







19” x 1RU rack mounting





Mains Input

90 – 250 V ac, 50-60Hz





Current Consumption

150mA @ 90V, 50mA @ 250V

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