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Trilogy 430-00-10 Radio Base Station

Trilogy 430-00-10 Radio Base Station
Trilogy 430-00-10 Radio Base Station
Trilogy 430-00-10 Radio Base Station
Trilogy 430-00-10 Radio Base Station
Trilogy 430-00-10 Radio Base Station
Trilogy 430-00-10 Radio Base Station
Trilogy 430-00-10 Radio Base Station
Trilogy 430-00-10 Radio Base Station
Trilogy 430-00-10 Radio Base Station
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  • Code: BS17734
  • Model: 430-00-10

The 430-00-XX is a rugged, full duplex UHF base station ideally suited to any application within TV studio, OB/SNG and theatre environments where clear and dependable wireless communication is critical. Both single and dual antenna versions are available covering the 440-470MHz band, each with 32 channels and programmable RF power level from 10 to 50 Watt.

Key benefits:

•           32 available channels on the 440-470MHz band ensure crystal clear communications across your site.

•           Standalone unit is ready for instant use out-of-the-box, reducing deployment timeframes.

•           Programmable function keys further automate common functions and reduce operator workloads.

•           A number of options allow for additional customisation and expansion to meet your specific needs.

The base station’s front panel incorporates an internal loudspeaker, volume control and channel select pushbuttons with provision to attach a desktop microphone if not deployed in conjunction with a full intercom system . A simple, two character LED display indicates the active channel number during normal operation and also serves as an aid to engineering diagnostics. Six programmable function keys allow direct access to frequently used functions and can be assigned via the supplied programming software.

The 430-10-10 two way, 16 channel portable transceiver is housed in a compact and durable casing, supporting channel scan and monitor functions. It offers 5 watts of transmit power for enhanced coverage and benefits from an exceptional battery life of over 11 hours for uninterrupted operation.

A comprehensive range of accessories is available including programming software and cable kits enabling users to re-configure both the base station and transceiver to meet the specific needs of their application.

All Trilogy radio systems are supplied pre-programmed with user specified frequencies and is ready for immediate deployment. Seamless integration with Trilogy Intercom equipment is simply effected via a line level, 4-wire audio connection.


Key Features - Base Station:

•           Duplex operation over 440-470MHz band.

•           Single or dual antenna operation according to coverage needs.

•           32 RF channels to reduce interference.

•           Programmable RF Power 25/10/5 Watt for maximum broadcast range.

•           6 dual function programmable keys to automate common configurations and tasks.

•           12.5/20/25 kHz Channel spacing to further reduce interference.

•           CTCSS/DCS encode & decode.

•           PC programmable using supplied configuration software



Key Features – Transceiver:

•           Semi duplex operation over 400-470 MHz to reduce broadcast interference.

•           Selectable RF Power 5/1 Watt to balance range with battery life.

•           12.5/20/25 kHz channel spacing to further reduce interference.

•           2 programmable keys allow for quick changes between configurations.

•           16 RF channels.

•           CTCSS / DCS encode & decode.

•           Powerful 500mW audio output for use in noisy environments.

•           11 Hour extended battery life for all day operation.

•           RX/TX Battery power save to extend use.

•           Manual squelch adjustment.

•           IP 55 Rating.

•           PC Programmable using supplied configuration software.



Technical Details

Base Station


Frequency range


Number of Channels


Channel Spacing

12.5/20/25 kHz

Frequency Stability

1.5 ppm (30 min. after wake up)

Operating Temperature Range

 -30ºC to +60ºC

Dimensions (excl projections)

 483 x 88 x 343mm (19” - 2U rack mounting)




Antenna Connector


Audio Distortion


Hum and Noise

>50 dB

Audio Frequency Response

De-emphasis 6 dB/oct (from 300 Hz to 3 kHz)

Audio Output

4 Watt @ 4 Ohms


RF Output

25/10/5 Watt

Duty Cycle


Hum and Noise

>50 dB (Wide), >45 dB (Narrow)

Microphone Sensitivity

5 mV

Antenna Connector

Type-N (BNC adaptor supplied)

Audio Distortion

<2.5% @ 1kHz



Frequency Range


Number of Channels


Channel Spacing

12.5/20/25 kHz

PLL Channel Steps

5/6.25 kHz

Battery Life (5-5-90 duty) 2000 mAh

15 hours (12.5 hrs w/o saver)

IP Rating


Audio Output

500 mW @ 4 Ohms 5% THD

Output Power

5/1 Watt

Audio Distortion

<3% @1kHz


58 x 104 x 33mm

Net Weight