Axon TRACS² single channel compliance recorder

  • $1,450.00

  • Brand: Axon
  • Model Number: T2R_BASE
  • Product Code: BS16267
  • Quantity in stock: 10
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TRACS² single channel compliance recorder

Technical Details

1. Reliable

Based on the Linux OS; runs on dedicated hardware; equipped with RAID 5-configured disks.

2. Highly cost-efficient

No tape stock, recorder or storage costs; low labor costs; and potentially dramatic savings.

3. Easy-to-use

Search and retrieval is fast and simple – even for multiple users.

4. Compact

Rack-mountable; small footprint; no tape storage implications; 1RU high.

5. Safe & Secure

Automatic recording, with no direct access to recorded content, plus a user-management system.

6. Multi-functional

Designed for more than just compliance recording or video aircheck.

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