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TOA WT-S200 diversity wireless tuner

TOA - WT-S200
TOA - WT-S200
TOA - WT-S200
TOA - WT-S200
TOA - WT-S200
TOA - WT-S200
TOA - WT-S200
TOA - WT-S200
TOA WT-S200 diversity wireless tuner
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  • Model: WT-S200

The TOA 200/300 Series are matched packages of a wireless microphone and a tuner. Both employ a diversity tuner with a dynamic processor, adjustable squelch, and four switchable UHF frequencies, for crystal-clear sound, undisturbed operation and interference-free reception. The WS-200 "vocal" set comes with a hand-held dynamic cardioid microphone that is easy and comfortable to hold and ensures lively and assertive audio enhancement.

The 300 Series "presentation" set is available in two versions: the WS-300, with an inconspicuous permanently polarized clip-on condenser microphone, and the WS-300H, with a headset microphone. Both sets come with a bodypack transmitter. An omnidirectional pickup on the WS-300 and a unidirectional pickup on the WS-300H ensure optimal speech comprehensibility during lectures, presentations and even theater performances.

Technical Details

  • Operating range: 3 m – 120 m.
  • Dynamic cardioid handheld microphone.
  • Slim and lightweight microphone design.
  • Four switchable UHF transmission/receiving frequencies ensure noise-free operation.
  • RF carrier power: 10 mW.
  • Power supply (microphone): 6LR61.
  • Operating time: 10 hrs.
  • Diversity tuner technology for highest-quality reception.
  • Dynamic processor provides optimally clear sound.
  • Adjustable squelch feature eliminates unwanted noise.
  • Tuner comes in robust metal housing.
  • Frequency response of 100 to 15,000 Hz.
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 95 dB(A)
  • Less than 1% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion).
  • Balanced audio output: XLR, +16 dBu.
  • Unbalanced audio output: Phone jack, +10 dBu