Telos Two x 12 Telephone Hybrid

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The Telos TWOx12 is designed for stations where up to 12 incoming talk lines are required. It is also well suited to dedicated studios within larger facilities. It also has the flexibility to serve two studios simultaneously, with one hybrid for each studio. Depending on the version ordered, the TWOx12 can utilize 6 ISDN BRI circuits (with 2 channels or “Lines” per circuit) or 12 “POTS” (plain old telephone service) analog lines, or certain mixtures of the two types. We recommend ISDN BRI circuits whenever possible. Contrary to the perceptions of some, ISDN is widely available and installation generally goes smoothly (this was not always true; however our extensive experience with the Zephyr and ZephyrExpress codecs have proven to us that this technology is mature). Follow the advice in this manual about ordering ISDN and the process should go smoothly (see the Appendix for ISDN Order forms). For those who do not need the added quality available on ISDN, or cannot get ISDN lines, we offer the POTS version for use on analog telephone lines. This version offers the only available upgrade path from Analog to ISDN in any broadcast telephone system today. You can get the flexibility of the system now. ISDN or POTS, you can make the choice today without throwing away your investment tomorrow- simply plug in new interface cards to upgrade from POTS to ISDN! At the heart of any broadcast system are the hybrids used. Based on the Telos TWO dual hybrid, the TWOx12 includes simply the best broadcast hybrids made. With a trans-hybrid loss of well over 70dB (when used on digital lines) it allows for the best possible announcer audio over the air. Performance when used with open speakers and in teleconferencing applications is also superb. The TWOx12 combines the TWO’s dual hybrid design with a twelve line system controller and support for up to two (expandable to eight) Telos Desktop Director control surfaces - typically one for a phone screener and one for talent. Each Desktop Director can be easily reconfigured between the Talent (on-air control) and Producer (screener) modes of operation. The Desktop Director has an intuitive user interface and we are confident your staff will take to the system in no time.

Technical Details

Telos products have earned a reputation for ease of use and outstanding performance, and the Telos TWOx12 lives up to that reputation. Our advanced ISDN hybrid technology comprises an integrated suite of audio processing functions to achieve unsurpassed audio quality. „ Studio-grade 20-bit A-to-D conversion, combined with noise gating and shaping, guarantees crystalline audio to the POTS lines and significantly improved send levels. 

Simultaneous analog and AES/EBU outputs. „

Automatic high-precision sample rate conversion for incoming ISDN circuits. „

Unmatched Send/Receive separation using Telos’ time-tested Adaptive Cancellation technology.

Each hybrid automatically & continuously adjusts to phone line conditions, virtually eliminating the hollowness, feedback and distortion that occurs when send audio “leaks” into the caller output signal. „

Sophisticated AGC/limiting functions and three-band Digital Dynamic Equalization (DDEQ) ensure consistent caller audio levels and spectral consistency. „

Easy to use menus. Full metering for proper setup and operation. „

Caller ID support (ISDN only) and fully adjustable Caller Ducking (override) helps hosts stay in control. „

Conference linking ability lets you set up high-quality conferencing between callers with no external equipment needed. (Only a single mix-minus is required.) „ Flexible system architecture allows you to buy an analog system now and upgrade to ISDN in the future. 

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