Telos One+One Dual Digital Phone Hybrid

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  • Brand: TELOS
  • Model Number: One+One
  • Product Code: BS18393
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Telos One+One Dual Digital Phone Hybrid present superb digital telephone hybrid performance for broadcast, teleconferencing, and communications applications. Proven Telos processing technologies perform all hybrid functions, gain control, and filtering completely in the digital domain. The use of intelligent software, rather than complex hardware, makes the Telos ONE very affordable while ensuring consistently superior performance regardless of telephone line characteristics. radio station love Telos One+One 
Technical Details
  • Input is switchable for either microphone or line level.
  • Two outputs are provided, one of which may be used as a second independent output or be switched to a mix of the input and caller signals. This is very handy for tape feeds.
  • Front panel input and output gain adjustments using multi-turn screwdriver adjustable pots.
  • Convenient LED-metered monitoring of input and output levels, as well as their respective gain processing.
  • All models integrate with the Telos family of accessories as part of a complete talk show system.

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