Telos one modem style Digital Phone Hybrid

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The three Telos ONE models present superb digital telephone hybrid performance to broadcast, teleconferencing, and communications applications. Proven Telos processing technologies perform all hybrid functions. gain control, and filtering completely in the digital domain. This edge-of-the-art approach makes the Telos ONE very affordable while assuring consistently superior performance regardless of telephone line characteristics.

The fast, precise, and automatic digital nulling allows smooth, natural, simultaneous conversation without the usual speakerphone upcutting effect, voice distortion, and level matching problems often experienced with other hybrid-type interface devices. Digital acoustic ducking and pitch shifting create a wide feedback margin when the Telos ONE is used with open monitor speakers

Technical Details
  • A sophisticated output gain processor which provides level control and smart downward expansion. This section is cross-coupled to the input section so that telephone line noise and residual hybrid leakage are carefully and cleanly attenuated without low level callers being gated off.
  • A selectable override function to reduce the caller level about 8dB when input audio is present. This allows the talent’s voice to have more presence when speaking at the same time as the caller.
  • A pitch-shifter and an acoustic ducking function in the input audio path work together to allow significant gain-before-feedback when used with open monitor speakers.
  • High- and low-pass filtering to clean up phone line noise and hum.
  • Special software versions for use with particularly troublesome telephone lines; for connecting phone lines to intercom systems; for interconnecting twowire and four-wire intercoms; and for teleconferencing.

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