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Find a radio facility where caller audio quality is important, and chances are you'll also find a Telos Nx Talkshow System. Nx6 six-line systems are the latest generations of Telos broadcast phone systems, built to deliver the cleanest, most consistent call quality possible from even the most challenging calls.

Nx systems combine multiple advanced telephone hybrids (each with their own AGC, noise gate, and caller override dynamics) with

Telos' famous Digital Dynamic EQ, a sophisticated multi-band equalizer which analyzes and adjusts received audio spectral characteristics so that calls sound smooth and consistent despite today’s wide variety of phone sets and connection types.

But there's more: Nx systems feature caller audio sweetening by Omnia, special echo cancellation to tame tricky VoIP and cellular calls, and anti-feedback routines to tackle the acoustic feedback that plagues open speaker applications.

Telos Nx6 and Nx12 systems can be ordered to work with your choice of POTS or ISDN (BRI) phone lines, and work with a variety of control surfaces, including the Telos Desktop Director, Call Controller and Console Director drop-in module. Of course, there's also an Ethernet connection for use with Telos Assistant Producer call screening software (and one-click connection to Axia IP-Audio networks).

With Nx Talkshow Systems, talent and producers both benefit from unique Telos features that help make shows run smoother, faster and more error-free, such as our exclusive Status Symbol visual call management icons that clearly show line and caller status. Both

Nx6 can power as many as 4 control surfaces, or up to 8 surfaces using accessory power supplies.

Nx6 works with up to 6 telephone lines; Nx12 works with up to 12 lines. Both have four hybrids for extra flexibility in fast-paced talk environments. Nx6 feature a unique dual studio mode that allows a single system to power two studios simultaneously,

Naturally, Nx Talkshow Systems connect directly to Axia IP-Audio networks using a single CAT-5 cable. One connection takes care of all audio I/O, on-hold inputs, hybrid control, and GPIO. Drop-in modules available for Axia Element consoles let users easily take control of their Nx6 or Nx12 the system right from the console. Choose the 2-Fader+Phone module with onboard hybrid controls with Status

Symbol displays, or the 4-Phone module for a fader-per-hybrid European operating style.


Technical Details
  • Our most advanced hybrid algorithms.
  • New symmetrical wide-range AGC and noise gate by Omnia.
  • Studio adaptation and pitch shifter help prevent feedback in situations where open speakers are required.
  • Adjustable caller override improves performance and allows you to individualize the degree to which the announcer ducks the caller audio. Digital Dynamic EQ and adjustable smart-level AGC by Omnia keeps audio spectrally consistent from call to call.
  • Caller ID on both analog POTS and ISDN telephone lines, accessible over the Ethernet for call screening applications.
  • Many control options to suit your individual requirements, both desktop and console-mounted.
  • Status Symbols make life easier for producers and talent with their animated high-contrast icon display of line status.
  • Input/output via analog XLR or Livewire Audio-over-IP. Optional AES3 I/O module.
  • POTS, ISDN-S, or ISDN-U (specify when ordering) - Nx12 supports 50-50 mixed configurations.
  • Two-studio mode for sharing one Nx and its telephone lines with two studios.
  • When coupled with an Axia Element console, integrated control is possible using the Element's Call Control or Europhone Fader modules. Web server for configuration and remote monitoring.
  • Flexible metering.
  • Call Screening and remote control using Telos’ Assistant Producer, or a wide variety of third-party software packages.
  • Function buttons and GPIO-style outputs for control of delay systems and recorders.

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