Telos Nx12 Talk Show System

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TELOS Nx12 Advanced Digital Broadcast Telephone System


The Telos Nx12 combines a 12-line selector and 4 hybrids with advanced signal processing to

deliver all you need for your on-air phones. The four hybrids make it ideal for programming

where multiple callers are aired simultaneously. It also has the flexibility to serve two studios

with two hybrids for each.

At the heart of any broadcast telephone system are the hybrids and associated signal processing.

Based on the latest Telos technology, the Nx12 includes the very best broadcast hybrids available.

Depending on the version ordered, the Nx12 can use six ISDN (Integrated Services Digital

Network) BRI circuits (with 2 channels per circuit) or 12 analog lines, or a 50/50 mixture of the

two types.

The Nx12 has support for up to eight Telos third-generation control surfaces such as our Call

Controller and Desktop Director. It also supports control via IP/Ethernet.

Studio equipment can connect with analog, AES3, or Livewire IP audio.

Technical Details

Features & Benefits

Telos products have earned a reputation for ease of use and outstanding performance, and the

Nx12 lives up to that reputation. It integrates a suite of audio processing functions to achieve

unsurpassed audio quality. Its features include:

- Excellent send-to-receive isolation using the latest generation of Telos’ field-tested Adaptive Cancellation technology. Each hybrid automatically and continuously adjusts to phone

line conditions, eliminating the hollowness, feedback and distortion that occur when send

audio “leaks” into the caller output signal.

-Sophisticated AGC/limiting functions and three-band Digital Dynamic Equalization

(DDEQ) ensure controlled caller audio levels and spectral consistency.

- Four high-perfomance adaptive digital hybrids.

-Studio-grade 20-bit audio conversion, combined with noise gating and shaping, extracts

the best possible audio quality from real-world telephone lines.

- High-precision sample rate conversion for ISDN circuits.

-Full metering for setup and operation.

-Adjustable Caller Ducking (override).

-Conference linking lets you set up high-quality conferencing between callers with no

external equipment needed.

- Caller ID support on both ISDN and POTS lines.

- The Nx12 can serve two studios, each with two hybrids.

- In the two-studio modes, lines can either be shared or exclusive to each studio. In the latter

case, there is no possibility for accidental interaction.

- Support for up to eight Desktop Directors.

-Compatibility with Telos Assistant Producer and third-party call control software applications.

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