Telos DIM direct interface module

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The Telos DIM direct interface module is a flexible electronic telephone system for broadcast, teleconferencing, distance learning, and other professional applications.

A wide range of configurations are possible using the Direct Interface Module as the heart of a complete system incorporating Telos digital hybrid telephone interfaces (such as the Telos ONE and Telos 100 Delta ) and companion control and screening equipment.The Direct Interface Module provides clean, quiet, and reliable switching of multiple telephone lines. Phone lines may be easily connected without intervening phone equipment. The Direct Interface Module boasts low noise and distortion and flat frequency response.Telos' wide range of companion equipment contributes to convenient, intuitive operation. Line selection can be accomplished with the desktop Switch Console or with one of numerous modular panels designed to fit into popular models of broadcast audio consoles. A full-featured electronic phone is available for call screening.

· Controls up to ten telephone lines.

· Conferences two callers when used with two connected, external hybrids. ·

Multiple controllers can be connected for operation from several locations.

· Call screening options enhance flexibility.

· Serial communications port permits computer control and screening with Telos Assistant Producer .

· A complete telephone system including caller conferencing, program-on-hold, and auto-answer.

· Capable of interfacing with other electronic phone systems.

Technical Details
Features include tone/pulse dialing, automatic next-caller indication and selection, external page, and control of external devices, such as audio recorders.

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