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Telos Call Control and Audio Processing VX Engine

Telos Call Control and Audio Processing VX Engine
Telos Call Control and Audio Processing VX Engine
Telos Call Control and Audio Processing VX Engine
Telos Call Control and Audio Processing VX Engine
Telos Call Control and Audio Processing VX Engine
Telos Call Control and Audio Processing VX Engine
Telos Call Control and Audio Processing VX Engine
Telos Call Control and Audio Processing VX Engine
Telos Call Control and Audio Processing VX Engine
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  • Model: VX

VX is the world’s first VoIP (Voice over IP) talkshow system — a broadcast phone system that’s so powerful it can run all of the on-air phones for your entire plant, but economical enough for stations with just two or three studios. VX connects to traditional POTS and ISDN telephone lines via standard Telco gateways. But it also connects to VoIP-based PBX systems and SIP Trunking services to take advantage of low-cost Internet-delivered phone services.

VX also weds modern networking to the remarkable power of digital signal processing. VX uses Ethernet as its connection backbone, significantly cutting the cost of phone system installation, maintenance and cabling. Ethernet is a powerful, yet simple way to share phone lines among studios and connect system components. This also makes VX naturally scalable, capable of serving even the largest of facilities — while remaining surprisingly cost-effective for even single stations with more modest needs.

Don’t have an IP-Audio network yet? No problem; optional Telos Alliance xNodes, like the Telos Alliance Mixed Signal Node, break out audio into analog and digital formats, along with GPIO logic commands. 

The Vx Engine is the heart of the system. It has a capacity of up to 80 incoming phone lines, each handled by its own third-generation Telos Adaptive Digital Hybrid. Smart AGC, noise gating, a high-pass hum filter, Telos’ famous Digital Dynamic EQ, and a three-band adaptive spectral processor sweeten caller audio, while send audio receives a frequency shifter, AGC/limiter and exclusive new Advanced Echo Cancellation, developed by Fraunhofer Labs, which completely eliminates open-mic feedback.

Up to 20 studios can connect to a single VX Engine; talent can customize their workflow using Show Profiles to store commonly-used show configurations – for talk shows, interview segments, or anything else – and recall them for instant use.

Vx Engine features include:


  • Easy web-based configuration via standard Internet browser
  • Works directly with VoIP-based PBX or SIP-trunking Telco service
  • Also connects to traditional phone lines via Telco gateway, including T1/E1, ISDN, and POTS
  • Capacity of up to 80 incoming phone lines
  • Adaptive Digital Hybrids with Advanced Echo Cancellation
  • Supports up to 20 studios and 100 control devices per Engine
  • Fan-free, silent operation
  • Rack-space friendly 2RU chassis

Technical Details

  • World’s first VoIP telephone system designed and built specifically for broadcasting.

  • Standards-based SIP/IP interface integrates with most VoIP-based PBX systems to allow transfers, line-sharing and common telco services for business and studio phones.

  • Standard Ethernet backbone provides a common transport path for both studio audio and telecom needs, resulting in cost savings and a simplified studio infrastructure. Connection of up to 100 control devices (software or hardware) is possible.

  • Modular, scalable system can be easily expanded to manage a network of up to 20 studios, each with a dedicated Program-On-Hold input – truly a “whole-plant” solution for on-air phones.

  • System capacity of up to 48 standard phone lines; supports up to 250 SIP numbers.

  • Up to 24 hybrids, depending on ultimate system configuration.

  • Each call receives a dedicated hybrid for unmatched clarity and superior conferencing.

  • Native Livewire® integration: One connection integrates caller audio, program-on-hold, mix-minus, and logic directly into Axia AoIP consoles and networks.

  • Connect VX to any radio console or other broadcast equipment using available Telos Alliance AES/EBU, Mixed Signal, and GPIO xNodes. Audio interfaces feature 48 kHz sampling rate and studio-grade 24-bit A/D converters with 256x oversampling. 

  • Powerful dynamic line management enables instant re-allocation of call-in lines to studios requiring increased capacity.

  • VSet phone controllers with full-color LCD displays and Telos® Status Symbols present producers and talent with a rich graphical information display. Each VSet features its own address book and call log.

  • Drop-in modules can integrate VX phone control directly into your Axia mixing consoles.

  • Included XScreen screening software with built-in soft-phone allows a “phone” connection on any networked PC. Integrated recorder/editor simplifies recording of off-air conversations.

  • Clear, clean caller audio from fifth-generation Telos Adaptive Hybrid technology, including Digital Dynamic EQ, AGC, adjustable caller ducking, and send- and receive-audio dynamics processing by Omnia®.

  • Wideband acoustic echo cancellation from Fraunhofer IIS completely eliminates open-speaker feedback.

  • Support for G.722 codec enables high-fidelity phone calls from SIP clients.