Telex RadioCom BTR-800 Two-channel uhf synthesized wireless intercom base station

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  • Brand: Telex
  • Model Number: BTR-800
  • Product Code: BS18705
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TR-800 and TR-825 Wireless Belt- packs — Four beltpacks per base station. Each BTR-800 base station can support up to four beltpacks in full-time transmit, full-duplex operation. Multiple base station/beltpack systems can be used together to meet the needs of virtually any wireless communications application.

Frequency Agile — Choose from 1440 user selectable frequencies using the BTR-800 graphical user interface. Frequencies can be selected from factory preset groups of intermode free choices or any frequency in 25 kHz increments. Select from 720 TX and 720 RX frequencies each from independent 18 MHz operational bands

UHF Operation — The BTR-800, TR-800 and TR-825 operate in the UHF band from 470 to 722 MHz. Bases and belt- packs operate in specific 18 MHz operational bands.

Enhanced ClearScan Frequency Auto Selection and Graphical User Interface.

Intermodulation-Free Factory Selected Groups — Each BTR-800 system comes with 24 factory-selected, intermodu- lation-avoiding groups that allows the user to get started right out of the box.

Two-Channel Intercom Access From Each Beltpack — Hardwired channels are run to the BTR-800 base station and can be 2-wire, 4-wire or mixed.

Technical Details
  • Frequency agile
  • 1440 selectable frequencies
  • Two independent intercom channels
  • ClearScan auto frequency selection
  • Wireless talk around (broadcast ISO)

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