Telex RadioCom BTR-200 II

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Telex RadioCom BTR-200 II

This manual covers the BTR-200, BTR-200II, and the BTR-200B II Base Stations and the TR-200 and TR-200P Portable Transceivers (referenced as BTR-200 and TR-200 unless otherwise specified.) The Telex Models BTR-200 and TR-200 were specifically designed to provide the user with a highly flexible wireless two-way communica- tion system with the capability of interface with a wired intercom system and other auxil- iary audio.

At the BTR-200 operator’s command, the remotes may communicate with each other, with a wired intercom system or with an auxil- iary system. The BTR-200 Base Station with its one transmit and four receive channels was designed to operate in full duplex (simulta- neous two-way communications) with up to four TR-200 Belt Pack transceivers (one trans- mit and one receive channel) See block dia- gram in figure 1.

Technical Details
  • An extremely flexible unit that has the ca- pability to communicate at one time with any number of the available portable sta- tions (up to four) or wired stations (inter- com and/or other audio source).
  • Powered by an external AC wall supply (supplied), via the power jack on the rear of the unit. It can also be powered by any filtered 12 to 14 VDC/300 mA source or 13.0 VAC RMS 300 mA source.
  • Intercom connections with the ability to in- terface with most wired intercom systems.
  • RF LED indicator for each portable station.
  • All metal case for superior shielding.
  • Molded front panel for aesthetic appeal along with functionability .
  • Table or single height rack mountable.

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