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Brand: televes Model: 7402
Televes Active Power Divider is used for broadband CATV applications. It couples a defined amount of the electromagnetic power in a transmission line to a port enabling the signal to be used in another circuit...
Brand: televes Model: 9x 16 splitter multiswitch
Range of 9 input multiswitches available in 8,12,16,24 and 32 user outputs. It has 9 outputs which allow us to expand the number of users by cascading two or more units. Using a switch, we can load the unit (standalone) or not (cascade configurations).The range includes standard multi- switches ..
Brand: televes Model: 7439
The Televes Repartidor Conmutable 9x16 Splitter Multiswitch is a versatile device designed to efficiently distribute satellite signals across multiple outputs. With its capability to split and switch signals, it enables seamless distribution to up to 16 different outputs while maintaining signal..
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