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Brand: Tektronix Model: SPG 422
The SPG422 is a master sync generator designed to meet the transitional and long term needs of the serial component digital post production and operational environments. While component digital is gaining momentum, many facilities will still be largely analog with digital islands and virtually all w..
Brand: Tektronix Model: SPG600 ECO 422D
The SPG600 and SPG300 Sync Pulse Generators provide synchronization and test signals for both traditional analog and mixed digital and analog facilities, in both NTSC/525 and PAL/625 environments. These products are ideal as a stable master sync signal, which is critical in digital broadcast environ..
Brand: Tektronix Model: TG700
The Tektronix TG700 is a multiformat, analog and digital, precision signal generation platform. Designed with the changing needs of the video industry in mind, the Tektronix TG700 offers sync pulse generation and test signal generation for a wide array of analog, serial digital, and digita..
Brand: Tektronix Model: TG700
Tektronix TG700 TV Video Signal Generator Platform with AWVG 7, HDVG 7 and DVG 7..
Brand: Tektronix Model: TSG 371
Features:EBU level component and PAL composite test signalsSimultaneous and independent component and composite test signal outputs10 bit signal generation in all component channelsDigital composite signal generationHigh stability, correctly SCH phased internal sync generatorBlack burst (6 outputs),..
Brand: Tektronix Model: TSG601
Features & Benefits The TSG601 generator provides 16 user-selected test signals: 75% Color Bars100% Color BarsPluge, BBC Version 1Pluge, BBC Version 25 Step StaircaseLimit RampConvergencePLL SDI CheckfieldEqualizer SDI CheckfieldSDI Checkfield MatrixValid (Encodes to P..
Brand: Tektronix Model: TV110
Tektronix TV110 CableScout is built for you. Designed specifically for CATV and other coaxial cable applications. CableScout applies the newest technology to provide both ease of use and coaxial cable testing performance that cannot be found in any other TDR. With the TV100, you’ll spend l..
Brand: Tektronix Model: VM700A
Tektronix VM700A is a complete video monitoring and measuring instrument which can be used for automatic measurements and monitoring, as well as for manual measurements. The user can select a display of numeric values to confirm the quality of the signal path, or may select graphic displays for more..
Brand: Tektronix Model: VM700T
Tektronix VM700T Recognized as the de facto industry standard that keeps pace with evolving customer needs, the VM700T is a total solution for your baseband video and audio monitoring and measurement needs. Features such as an extremely fast and fully automatic measurement mode as well as full manua..
Brand: Tektronix Model: WFM 7100
Tektronix waveform monitors can help you monitor and measure SD SDI, HD SDI, and/or composite analog signals. All instrument models come standard with SD SDI input monitoring capabilities. The following table includes key features available on standard equipped instruments. If a feature requires a..
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