Tektronix WVR611A SDI and Composite Waveform Rasterizer

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Tektronix WVR611A SDI and Composite Waveform Rasterizer

The WVR600 Series Rasterizers broaden the Tektronix line of waveform monitoring products by introducing support for SD-SDI (WVR610A) and hybrid SD-SDI/Composite (WVR611A) applications in a convenient 1 RU form factor. Analog, digital or embedded audio monitoring options can be selected for either instrument.

Powerful Display Flexibility – FlexVu™

To maximize application flexibility, a high-resolution, tiled display design lets users customize presentation of information for each operation they wish to perform. Waveform, vector, gamut, audio (optional), status and picture monitor displays can be combined with line select, gain and magnification in nearly unlimited combinations. These instruments offer a number of exclusive displays that speed and simplify the monitoring and measurement tasks, continuing the Tektronix tradition of measurement leadership.

Unprecedented Display Flexibility

The FlexVu display lets users combine information in ways that have never been available in any video monitoring product. Instead of making users cycle through preset displays to view the information they require, Tektronix has designed an optimal approach that offers complete flexibility.

Furthermore, any time you need a closer look at an individual display, just press the “Full Screen” button for a high-resolution 1024x768 presentation.

A content QA application demonstrates the display flexibility. The instrument is set up to display an RGB paraded waveform in one tile, a view of the white level at 5X gain in another, a view of the black level at 5X gain in a third tile and video session statistics summarizing the overall content quality in the remaining tile. Together this creates an information presentation never before available.


Technical Details
  • Serial Digital Interface (SDI) and SDI and Composite Models Support Digital
    or Hybrid Applications
  • Analog, Digital and Embedded Audio Options
  • High-resolution XGA Output for Crisp, Easy-to-Read Displays
  • FlexVu™ Display – Unique, Flexible Tiling for True “Four Instruments in One” Capability
  • Fully Digital Processing for Accurate, Repeatable, Drift-free Operation
  • Exclusive Tektronix Gamut Displays Ensure Compliant Content
  • Patented Tektronix Timing Display Makes Facility Timing Easy
  • Full Remote Control for Complete Installation Flexibility
  • Instrument Presets for Quick Recall of Commonly Used Configurations
  • Exclusive Session Screens for Content Status at a Glance
  • Digital Cursors for Precise Timing and Amplitude Measurements
  • Line Select with Field and Picture Bright-ups
  • Backlit Buttons for Ease of Operation in Darkened Environments
  • Online Help Shortens Learning Time
  • Temperature-dependent Internal Fans Optimize Cooling and Noise
  • Applications
  • Broadcast Monitoring of Standard Definition (SD) Digital and Composite Signals
  • Content QA and Compliance Checking
  • Camera Shading
  • Contribution Validation

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