Tektronix WFM7120 Multi-Standard Multi-Format Waveform Monitor SD HD CPS EYE AD PHY DAT AVD

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Tektronix WFM7120 Multi-Standard Multi-Format Waveform Monitor SD HD CPS EYE AD PHY DAT AVD


The HD-capable WFM7120 offers high-performance monitoring and measurement for applications involving HD digital video. It combines the video and audio monitoring capabilities available on the WFM7020 with available support for Dolby audio (Opt. DDE), indepth data analysis (Opt. DAT), and SDI signal measurement as well as AV Delay Measurement (Opt. AVD). The WFM7120 also supports Simultaneous A/B Input Monitoring (Opt. SIM) as well as DUAL Link Monitoring (Opt. DL).

Technical Details

Features & Benefits

Simultaneous A/B Input Support Extends Monitoring Functions (SIM Option)

Full Dual Link Support for Highend Production, Post Production and Manufacturing Applications (DL Option)

Numerical and Graphical Display of A/V Delay (AVD Option)

FlexVu™ XGA Display Increases Productivity with the Ability to Create Hundreds of Custom Multiple-view Displays Tailored to Specific Work Practices

CaptureVu® Video Frame Capture Improves Efficiency in Troubleshooting and Equipment Setup (WFM6120 & WFM7120)

Exclusive Tektronix Gamut Displays Help Ensure Compliant Content

Tektronix’s Patented Timing Display Simplifies Plant Timing

The Patented Tektronix Lightning Display is Ideal for Maintaining Correct Inter-channel Timing

Extensive Fault Monitoring, Status Reporting, and Error Logging Simplify Content Quality Control

Available High-performance SDI Physical Layer Measurements (PHY Option) is Available for Eye and Jitter Displays

In-Depth Digital Data Analysis Helps Quickly Resolve Difficult Quality and Reliability Issues. (DAT Option)

Exceptional Audio Monitoring Available, (Option AD) including support for Dolby® Audio Formats (Option DDE) and a Front-panel Headphone Connector, Reduces Time and Effort in Verifying Multichannel Audio Content

Front-panel USB Port For Easy Storage and Transfer of Instrument Settings and Video Data System Upgrades can be done over the Network or via USB

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