Tektronix WFM7120 Multi-Standard Multi-Format Waveform Monitor CPS, SD, HD, EYE, SIM, DDE, AVD, DAT

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  • Brand: SONY
  • Model Number: WFM7120
  • Product Code: BS19251
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The HD-capable WFM7120 offers high- performance monitoring and measure- ment for applications involving HD digital video. It combines the video and audio monitoring capabilities available on the WFM7020 with available support for Dolby audio (Opt. DDE), in- depth data analysis (Opt. DAT), and SDI signal measurement as well as AV Delay Measurement (Opt. AVD). The WFM7120 also supports Simultaneous A/B Input Monitoring (Opt. SIM) as well as DUAL Link Monitoring (Opt. DL).
Technical Details
  • Simultaneous A/B Input Support Extends Monitoring Functions (SIM Option)
  • Full Dual Link Support for High- end Production, Post Production and Manufacturing Applications (DL Option)
  • Numerical and Graphical Display of A/V Delay (AVD Option)
  • FlexVuTM XGA Display Increases Productivity with the Ability to Create Hundreds of Custom Multiple-view Displays Tailored to Specific Work Practices

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