Tektronix VM700A Video Measurement Set

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  • Brand: Tektronix
  • Model Number: VM700A
  • Product Code: BS19253
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Tektronix VM700A is a complete video monitoring and measuring instrument which can be used for automatic measurements and monitoring, as well as for manual measurements. The user can select a display of numeric values to confirm the quality of the signal path, or may select graphic displays for more detailed analysis.

Instrument Overview:

The VM700A Video Measurement Set is a multifunction television test and measurement device with an easy-to-use interface. The VM700A combines the functions of a waveform monitor, vectorscope, automatic measurement set, and noise measurement set in a single instrument. Input signals can be broadcast or generated by test equipment. The VM700A can be operated by using its front-panel controls or by using one of the rear-panel RS-232C ports.

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