Tektronix MTM400A Digital TV Monitor (DTV monitor)

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Tektronix MTM400A Overview

The MTM400A Digital TV Monitor from Tektronix is designed for real-time transmission monitoring of MPEG Transport Streams over RF, IP, and ASI interfaces. It offers confidence monitoring capability and deep diagnostics combined into a single integrated solution. It is well suited for use in a wide variety of settings and applications, including broadcast, cable, satellite, and telecommunications.

It can be deployed at key network nodes to provide an intuitive and simplified presentation of video quality and diagnostic information. This functionality supports the delivery of Quality of Service (QoS) levels in an increasingly complex broadcast environment. When used together with VQNet, facility and network-wide views allow engineers to sectionalize network problems.

Other features include multilayer, multichannel, remote monitoring and measurement at RF and TS layers to DVB, ATSC, DCII, and ISDB-T/Tb standards with content-checking support for both MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC. Displays key RF monitoring parameters for DVB-T, ATSC, DVB-S/S2, and DVB-C/QAM interfaces to provide early indication of signal degradation before any picture impairment is visible to the end customer.

No additional analysis software is needed. All confidence and diagnostic analysis is carried out from the MTM400A alone. The unit's capabilities are determined by the add-on options that can be purchased separately to enhance its performance and functions.

Critical RF measurements
Critical RF measurements include MER & EVM, constellation displays, RF levels, channel power, SNR, BER, phase noise, and impulse response to provide early indication of signal degradation before any picture impairment is visible to the end customer. DVB-S2 interface includes 16 and 32APSK and Multiple Input Stream modes for contribution and distribution applications.
Video/Audio content checking
Video/audio content checking for both MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC thumbnail decode and display of multiple channels is available to simultaneously provide a visual check of content with encoding parameters available to the user, such as codec type, profiles and levels, aspect ratio, and program guide event information. Backhaul of actual video and/or audio allows content to be fed back to the central monitoring point to see and hear the content being broadcast. Encrypted content can be routed to a STB for hardware decode.
Green Stream Learning Mode
A "Green Stream" learning mode allows monitoring-by-exception and elimination of false alarms.
Multiplex View
Multiplex view allows an at-a-glance view of program utilization over an extended period, thereby permitting the user to see if bandwidth spikes occurred.
Two-Level Alarms
Two-level alarms provide advanced warning of impending problems to avoid customer complaints. Single-level alarming means the alert can only be generated. With 2-level alarms, separate warning and failure alarms are possible.
FlexVuPlus presents simplified presentation of video quality and diagnostic information.
Filtered Logs
Allows diagnostics to be performed at the TS, Program, or PID levels to focus on problems quickly.
Simultaneous Connection
Simultaneous connection of multiple remote users and multi-sink SNMP traps for Network Management Systems (NMS) provides early visibility of problems to key individuals throughout the organization, supporting quicker notification and corrective action. It also allows multiple users and/or NMS to access the MTM400A simultaneously.
Technical Details

Tektronix MTM400A Specs

BandwidthMaximum: 155 Mbps
Minimum: 250 Kbps
PowerPower Consumption (nominal): 40 VA
Voltage: 100 to 240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD)1.73 x 17.13 x 23.62" (44 x 430 x 600mm)
WeightNet: 13.3 lbs (6kg)
Shipping: 19.7 lbs (9kg)

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