Tektronix ECO 422D SD / HD changeover unit

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The Tektronix ECO422D is a highly versatile sync changeover unit designed for use in a serial SD/HD digital television environment. The Tektronix ECO 422D will accommodate component or composite serial digital video signals, AES/EBU digital audio, tri-level sync and analog black burst signals. This flexibility makes the Tek ECO-422D ideal for both the mixed-format and all digital television facility.

The Tektronix ECO422D provides eleven user configured channels, each channel consisting of primary and backup inputs, and an output.

  • Six channels can be set for high definition serial digital video, standard definition serial digital video, AES/EBU digital audio, tri-level sync and PAL or NTSC analog black burst
  • Five channels may be set for standard definition serial digital video, AES/EBU digital audio, tri level sync and PAL or NTSC analog black burst

The Tektronix ECO422-D's Channel configuration is by internal DIP switch. Signal amplitude fault detection level follows the setting of the channel configuration switches. Detection on individual channels may be disabled, giving the option of disabling changes to the backup unit on failure of signals not critical to the facility operation.

When operated in the switch-on-fault mode, the Tektronix ECO422D will automatically select the backup sync source should any of the primary inputs fail. However, in the unlikely event both sync sources are faulty, the Tek ECO422D will not alternate between the two sources. If necessary, this function may be overridden with the manual sync source selection. Manual source selection also facilitates periodic testing of the changeover function. Switching is by mechanical relay with all channels switched simultaneously.

The Electrical Fast Switch function, available with Opt. ELSW, improves the changeover switching speed between inputs, and replaces the mechanical relay on channels 4-6. Using this type of switch minimizes disturbance when switching between primary and backup inputs. With Opt. ELSW, channels 4-6 can only accept a Black Burst or Tri-level sync signal.

Front panel controls are provided for source selection, operating mode, resetting the fault indicators, and for disabling the front panel controls. LED indicators are also provided. Indication of fault and unit on line is also available via the remote connector.

Technical Details
  • Switches Analog Black and Serial Digital Video, Both Standard and High-Definition, and Digital Audio
  • Eleven User-configurable Signal Channels
  • Amplitude Detection on All Channels
  • Electrical Fast Switch Function for Input Channels 4 to 6, with option ELSW
  • Automatic, or Manual Operation
  • Fault and Operating Mode Front Panel Indicators

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