Tektronix ECO 422 changover unite

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Tektronix ECO 422 Changeover Unit

The ECO 422 Changeover Unit provides automatic selection of reference sources. Automatic changeover may occur upon fault detection in any active source. Automatic transfer ensures uninterrupted signals for critical applications. The ECO 422 is an in-line device without internal buffers. Switching is by mechanical relay. The ECO 422 also provides internal termination for unused inputs.

There are 11 identical channels. Each consists of a Primary Input, a Backup Input, and an Output. All relays switch in unison upon fault detection in any active channel, front-panel command, or remote command.

The ECO 422 bases error checking on signal amplitude. You can configure each channel to check for a different type of input. There are six predefined checking levels: no checking, PAL analogue black burst, NTSC black burst, serial digital component video, NTSC serial digital composite video, and serial digital audio.
A fault occurs when the signal is between 2 and 4 dB (or 2 and 5 dB) down from nominal for these predefined signals. There are also two user-defined checking thresholds available.
Separate indicators on the front-panel display faults for both the primary and backup generator. These indicators remain on until cleared by the operator.

Technical Details

Video Output                         SDI, 12G-SDI

Audio Output                        Composite/RCA

Video InputSDI,                     Composite/RCA, 12G UHD-SDI

Audio Input                            Composite/RCA

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