TC ELECTRONIC FINALIZER EXPRESS studio mastering processor

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TC ELECTRONIC FINALIZER EXPRESS studio mastering processor

Multiband Dynamics Processing TC Electronic has been working with Multiband Dynamics for several years and has become one of the

world’s leading companies in this field. The simple explanation of Multiband Dynamics is that the incoming signal is split into several frequency bands, in this case into three bands.

This is done using three stereo-linked crossover bands combining linear phase digital filters. When the signals are separated, it is possible to process them independently. In this case three stereo Compressors and three stereo Limiters are used, one for each band. After the dynamics processing, the three bands are joined again. All this is done digitally with no loss in sound quality or resolution.

 Why Multiband Dynamics ?

Multiband Dynamics makes it possible to process the bands independently. This means that the bands can be processed differently without affecting each other. When working with a full mix using conventional dynamics processing, you face certain problems. Generally you will have a problem, when the energy of the source material is mainly in the low end.

The bass guitar or kick drum will then control the overall compression and thereby introduce what is best known as “pumping and breathing”. With conventional dynamics processing it is also impossible to compress, or limit, the low end without affecting the mids containing Vocals and guitars, or to leave the highs less compressed than the rest of the signal. All these problems can be avoided by using Multiband Dynamics. 

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