Tascam X-17 professional DJ Mixer with PS-P17x power

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The X-17 is a sophisticated 4–PGM DJ mixer which allows you to connect many devices, and mix in a creative way. With a sophisticated layout, the X-17 combines easy operation with a wide range of functions. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read this manual before connecting and using the mixer, in order get the best out of it.

We recommend contacting our authorized Technical Service department, or that of your TASCAM dealer or distributor if any maintenance or repair work is necessary, so that you can continue to enjoy the best possible performance and operation.

Tascam X-17 professional DJ Mixer with PS-P17x power

Technical Details


Allows you to adjust the cross-fader response curve from soft (counter-clockwise) to hard (clockwise).


Sets the direction of the cross-fader. When in the OFF, position, moving the cross-fader toward A increases the volume of the A signal and moving the cross-fader toward B increases the volume of the B signal. The ON setting reverses this


This pair of peak meters indicates either the post-fader (PGM or MASTER) MASTER signal level in stereo, or the mono CUE signal levels.

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