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The Tascam MD-801R MKII is the ultimate MD Recorder, designed to meet the most demanding needs of professional studios, theatre, and broadcast, yet still offer the flexibility to integrate with simple installations. The MD-801R MKII offers thorough editing capability. This can be accomplished through the buttons on the front panel, or with a standard PC keyboard connected to the PS/2 port on the back. A complete set of audio I/O on the back provides all the formats a professional needs for recording and play-back. The analog output offers the additional ability to split the balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs into "cue" and "main" outputs, so you can check your cues easily before sending them to your mix. On the digital side, Word Clock In and Thru allow you to synchronize to other sources on playback. This is key for integration into larger digital set-ups with a central clock source.

A multitude of control ports allows the MD-801R MKII to be controlled by a variety of standards. The PS/2 keyboard port provides transport control and editing functions from a standard PC keyboard. The RS-232 port allows serial control from any number of automation/control systems. The parallel port allows for simple remotes and tallies, including Fader Start for integration with broadcast consoles.



Technical Details








2 tracks (Stereo/Mono)



Recording system (MD-801R MkII only)

Magnetic field modulation overwriting



Recording/playback time (MD-801R MkII only)

74 minutes stereo; 148 minutes mono (using 74 minutes MD)



Compression system

ATRAC Version 4.5 (Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding)



Sampling frequency

44.1 kHz



Modulation system

EFM (Eight-to-Fourteen Modulation)



Error correction system

ACIRC (Advanced Cross Interleave Reed-Solomon Code)



Frequency response

20 Hz - 20 kHz (±0.5 dB)



Signal-to-noise ratio (playback)

>101 dB



Signal-to-noise ratio (recording, MD-801R MkII only)

>94 dB



Total harmonic distortion




Wow and flutter




Pitch control

±9.9% (in 0.1% steps)



Playback delay

<0.1 s



Analogue inputs and outputs




Inputs, balanced/unbalanced (MD-801R MkII only)

2x XLR, 2x RCA



Nominal level

+4 dBu / -10 dBV



Nominal impedance

22 kOhm / 8 kOhm



Outputs, balanced/unbalanced

2x XLR, 2x RCA



Nominal level

+4 dBu / -10 dBV



Nominal impedance

11 Ohm/ 220 Ohm



Headphones output

6.3 mm stereo jack



Digital inputs and outputs




Inputs AES/EBU (MD-801R MkII only)

XLR, IEC60958 Type I/II (Fs: 32 kHz - 48 kHz)



Inputs SPDIF (MD-801R MkII only)

RCA, ICE60958 Type II (Fs: 32 kHz - 48 kHz)



Outputs AES/EBU

XLR, IEC60958 Type I



Outputs SPDIF

RCA, ICE60958 Type II



Word sync in

BNC (Fs: 44.1 kHz, ±6%), 75 Ohm



Word sync thru

BNC (auto-terminated)



Other terminals




Remote control

D-sub, 25-pin, connects to optional RC-801



Remote (Parallel)

D-sub, 37-pin, TTL level



Remote (Serial)

D-sub, 9-pin, RS-232C




Mini-DIN, 6-pin, PS/2 or compatible



Power supply and other specifications




Power supply

230 V AC, 50 Hz



Power consumption

33 W (MD-801R MkII), 29 W (MD-801P MkII)




8 kg



Dimensions (W x H x D)

483 mm x 132 mm x 353 mm





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