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Tascam CD player CD-450

Tascam CD player CD-450
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  • Model: CD-450

Tascam CD player CD-450 

Designed for the recording studio, sound contractor, broadcast facility or DJ, this rugged, great-sounding CD player has the features that make it right at home in any production environment. The CD-450's comprehensive list of features includes: Auto Cue and Auto Ready functions, Call and End of Message (EOM) functions, Fader and Event Start capability, Incremental Play, numeric keys for easy programming plus all the connectors needed to interface with other equipment.


In the recording studio, the new TASCAM CD-450 is equally at home. With its Fader and Event Start capability, this outstanding CD player can respond to messages from external equipment. This feature enables the engineer to commence playback simply by raising a fader at the mixing console. For production work that requires you to "fly in" sound effects from CD, the new CD-450 is the right tool for the job.


With the Auto Cue function, musicians, broadcasters or DJs alike can effortlessly have any track from the disc cued up to the first frame of audio and ready for immediate playback. This important feature ensures that there won't be any "dead air"-which can be the kiss of death in either environment. Upon completion of the currently playing track, the CD-450's Auto Ready function cues the player to the start of the next track and enters Pause mode.


For the broadcaster, the Call and EOM functions make it easy to transition from one program selection to another-regardless of how many players might be in use. The Call function provides the DJ or broadcast operator with the ability to locate to the position where Play was last pressed-thus ensuring when it's time to start the selection, there won't be any guesswork finding it.


With the CD-450's End of Message functions, external equipment can be controlled via the CD-450. For example, this all-important feature enables the CD-450 to send a trigger to an external unit and have it commence playback automatically-facilitating smooth playback of multiple selections across multiple devices. The CD-450 also provides a Single Play function to ensure that the unit stops at the end of the current track. With the CD-450's Incremental Play feature, controlling playback while "flying effects" into a project is easy. Working in conjunction with Fader Stop commands, this feature ceases playback and cues the player to the next track. When the next Fader Start command is received, the CD-450 commences playback.


As expected, the TASCAM CD-450 has all the convenience features expected from a world-class CD player. By taking advantage of the unit's numeric keys, the CD-450 can search for program material by track, index or time. The unit supports Timer Play, Program Play for customized playback order and Repeat Play to repeat the current track. With its selectable display mode, the CD-450 will show elapsed time, remaining time or total remaining time.


The new 2U rack-mountable TASCAM CD-450 has the facilities to integrate into any production environment. The unit provides RCA unbalanced analog outputs and a coaxial (RCA) S/PDIF digital output. With the addition of the optional LA-450 output kit, the CD-450 gains balanced XLR analog outputs plus an AES/EBU digital output terminated in an XLR connector. For remote operation, the optional RC-450C remote controller is available.

Technical Details





8-cm/12-cm CD


Audio channel:


2 channels




16-bit linear


Sampling  frequency:


44.1 kHz


Analog output level


 Line output (RCA)


Nominal output level:

–10 dBv (load impedance 10kOhms, unbalanced)


Maximum output level:


+6 dBv (2Vrms)


Line output (XLR) [Optional LA-450]


+4dBu (load impedance 10kOhms, balanced)


Maximum output level:                          +20 dBu



Balanced (XLR) [Optional LA-450] : IEC60958 broadcasting studios                                                                   (AES/EBU)


Power requirements:                             120 V AC, 60 Hz (U.S.A./Canada model)

                                                                      230 V AC, 50 Hz (Europe/U.K. model)

                                                                      240 V AC, 50 Hz (Australia model)


Power consumption:                                        16 Watts


External dimensions:                                        482 x 104.5 x 310 mm


Weight:                                                                   5.1 kg


Typical Performance Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-1 dB)


Signal-to-Noise Ratio:                                         Better than 90 dB


Distortion:                                                              Less than 0.006%


Channel separation:                                            Better than 85 dB


Pitch control:                                                         Within +/-12% (1% steps)


Auto cue level:                                                      –72/–66/–60/–54 dB