Tascam 322 Double Auto Reverse Cassette Deck

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Tascam 322 Double Auto Reverse Cassette Deck

The TASCAM 322 is designed to offer the simplicity of a standard dual cassette deck, yet the sophistication for the most demanding A/V installation. Optical leader sensing allows the deck to minimize the play or record time lost in reversing tape direction.

The two tape decks can operate independently with their own audio I/O or they can work together for dual recording of a single master. Built-in cascade out and transport logic also allows multiple machines to be used in duplication rigs or logging set-ups. The 322 comes equipped with an RS-232 control port for use with advanced control systems, and optional slot for the LA-322 Balancing Kit.

Technical Details

3-U Rack-mountable

10% +/- Pitch Control each deck

Headphone Output with Level Control

RTZ (Return to Zero) Function on Each Deck

Common I/O Mode for saving inputs on mixer

Independent Unbalanced RCA I/O for each deck

Auto Music Search Function (CPS)

Dolby B and C with HX Pro Headroom Extension

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