Tandberg Voyager E5745 digital SNG Voyager ENCODER 2RU

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  • Model Number: Voyager E5745
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Compact, Highest Performance Pre-Processing and Encoding

Special model with below mentioned module

QPSK Demod with ASI input

IRD Module


Remux Module

SAT Module


The tandberg E5745 is an extremely powerful, high-end encoder and modulator in a 1RU chassis, fitting easily into small trucks and space-constrained rack environments. It delivers world-class MPEG-2 encoding at extremely low bit-rates for an affordable price. Ericsson’s twenty years of in-house encoding development experience are featured in the E5745, which has extensive video-processing capabilities to clean the video stream and deliver exceptional picture quality, including advanced noise reduction and auto concatenation features. The E5714 also includes an array of highper formance audio options including Dolby® Digital AC3 encoding and DTS sound.

Extensive Flexibility

The tandberg E5745 adapts easily to a wide range of satellite news gathering applications that require top-level performance, with a variety of quality enhancing options and transport outputs. The IF output version has one option slot that can support a variety of option cards, including a re-multiplexer (REMUX) for multi-channel contribution or telco/IP outputs for simultaneous contribution over satellite or telco/networks. Video encoding performance upgrades are available that increase the efficiency by at least 0.8 Mbps per channel and lower the video bit-rate limit to 256 kbps.

Unrivalled Manufacturers Support

Should it be necessary to return a unit for service during the warranty period, Ericsson has a unique Advance Loan Scheme with committed spare units held in central stock to restore customer operations as quickly as possible. The Tandberg E5745 platform comes with a standard two-year warranty that together with the Advance Loan Scheme offers unrivalled support. 

Technical Details

Dimensions (W x D x H)

442.5 x 545 x 44.5mm (17.5” x 20.7” x 1RU)

Approximate Weight

7.5 kg (16.5 lbs)

Power Input

100 VAC to 120 VAC or 220 VAC to 240 VAC wideranging


95W no options. 150W maximum, depending on the option cards selected 

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