Tandberg TT6120 Transport Stream Processor

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  • Product Code: BS18079
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The Tandberg TT6120 provides an extensive range of well-proven interfaces to cover every transmission need. With a modular design concept, it is ideal for converting one interface standard to another through an easy to operate GUI. Apart from functioning as a standards converter, the TT6120 provides functionality for PID, component and service filtering, as well as PSI/SI/PSIP table manipulation. For IP input and output interfaces, ProMPEG FEC is also available. The tandberg TT6120 is a highly flexible interface adaptation unit.

Technical Details


The default input interface is DVB ASI. A selection between DVB ASI and one of the available interface options can be made

Available interface options:


QPSK demodulator

Carrier frequency range: 950 - 2150 MHz

Symbol rate: 2-30.6 Mbaud


QAM demodulator

16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 QAM (ITU-T J.083, Annex A)

Tuner Frequency range: 47 - 859 MHz

Channel Bandwidth: 8 MHz


COFDM demodulator 1

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