Tandberg SM6635 L-band Satellite Modulator with DVB-S2, 48 MSYM, 66 MSYM, HOM, PREKOR, ACM, 32APSK OPTIONS

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  • Model Number: SM6635
  • Product Code: BS18838
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The Tandberg SM6635 Series Satellite Modulators are a highly flexible product range with a set of class leading features that make them the backbone of the satellite industry. They provide feature-rich modulation solutions while maintaining ease-of-use and control. The high quality compact design makes the range suitable for fixed or mobile installations.

Ericsson’s unique Prekor option ensures optimum performance from the satellite link for those who wish to get the most from their system.

Applications such as satellite distribution of TV to multiple headends and Internet backbone applications are particularly suited to the implementation of Prekor. In these applications cost per bit is of pri- mary consideration. The improvement in the satellite link margin that Prekor gives can result in an increase in data capacity of up to 7 per- cent for QPSK, 22 percent for a DVB-DSNG 8PSK system and up to 55 percent for a 16QAM system.

already Installed options

DVB-DSNG Higher Order Modulation Option (SM66XX/SWO/HOM, FAZ 101 0125/6) 

High Symbol Rate Option (SM66XX/SWO/48MSYM, FAZ 101 0125/18) 

High Symbol Rate Option SM66XX/SWO/66MSYM

Prekor License (SM66XX/SWO/PREKOR, FAZ 101 0125/8)

SM66XX/SWO/S2 DVB-S2 Broadcast Mode, including QPSK Modulation

SM66XX/SWO/S2-32APSK DVB-S2 8PSK, 16APSK and 32APSK Modulation Supplement 

SM66XX/SWO/S2/ACM DVB-S2 ACM Mode Supplement

Technical Details
  • Operation to ETSI standard EN 300 421 (DVB-S: BPSK and QPSK)
  • Variable symbol rate operation: 1 Msym/s to 48 Msym/s
  • User selectable spectrum roll-off factor: 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%
  • Transmission quality L-band output: 950 MHz to 750 MHz, tunable in 1 kHz steps
  • L-band output provides switchable DC power and 10 MHz frequency reference for external up-converter
  • L-band monitor output and communications channel L-band input and combiner
  • Digitally generated cable tilt correction
  • Two DVB ASI inputs
  • Input data rate adaptation mode – including PCR correction
  • Prekor Dynamic Pre-correction technology
  • Corrects for phase/magnitude distortions introduced by uplink HPA equipment
  • Corrects for phase/magnitude distortions introduced by the satellite
  • Corrects for group delay distortions introduced by the satellite transponder
  • Easy software upgrades for extra features
  • Web Browser control and via easy-to-use front panel, SNMP, RS-232 or RS-485 remote control or Telnet

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