Tandberg SM6615 Satellite Modulator with PREKOR L band output

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Tandberg SM6615 Satellite Modulator with PREKOR L band output


The rise in the number of satellite transmissions continues to grow swiftly. There is demand for a reliable, high quality satellite modulator that incorporates a feature- set which caters for this growing demand. The SM6615 fulfills that requirement perfectly.

 The SM6615 is a feature-rich, compact, L-band output satellite modulator. The high quality L-band output ensures that top quality transmissions can be achieved for all applications from DSNG to fixed location, high data rate services.


Tandberg SM6615 Satellite Modulator with L-band output


The SM6615 follows the high spec design philosophy through to its L-band Output stage by offering the highest possible transmission quality. In addition, to ensure that the received signal is free from up-link generated distortions the SM6615 also provides digitally generated cable tilt correction thus removing any adverse

Technical Details


Transport Stream Inputs 2 x DVB ASI Copper

Rear panel connector: BNC (F), 75 Ohm

+2 x DVB ASI Copper (option)

Rear panel connector: BNC (F), 75 Ohm

+1 x DVB SPI (option)

Rear panel connector: 25-way, D-type (F

Transport Stream Data Specification ASI Data Rate: 213 Mbps maximum

ASI Format: Byte and single packet burst mode    

Packet Size: 188-byte, 204-byte, unframed


DC Power Output

Voltage: 24 V switchable on/off

Current: 500 mA maximum, short circuit protected

10 MHz Reference Output

Output Power: 0 dBm ±3 dB sine wave into 50 Ohm load, switchable on/off

Frequency Stability: ±5.5 Hz over 10 years

Carrier Combining Input

Path Gain to Main L-Band Output: 0 dB ±2 dB Input Power: +5 dBm maximum Intermodulation Products: < -60 dBc/4 kHz Input Impedance: 50 Ohm

Connector: SMA (F)       

Distortion Correction


Front Panel: 2 line x 40 character LCD display

Navigation: four cursor keys, two function keys


Via RS-232/485 control port using VT100 emulator or PC control software

Connector: 9-way D-type (M)

Ethernet: Dual-redundant 10BaseT Ethernet Web browser control interface


Connectors: 2 x RJ45     

Reset/Status Port

Relay contacts for signaling equipment and

Data Rate             

input signal failure

108 Mbps maximum

Packet Size: 188-byte, 204-byte, unframed

Data Clocking Modes: Input data rate adaptation mode including PCR correction

Input data rate derived mode

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