Tandberg SM6610 DVB-S IF Modulator

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The rise in the number of satellite transmissions continues to grow apace. There is the demand for a reliable, high-quality satellite modulator that incorporates a feature-set that caters to this growing demand. The TANDBERG Television SM6610 fulfills that requirement perfectly. The TANDBERG Television SM6610 is a feature-rich, compact, IF output satellite modulator. The high quality IF output ensures that top quality transmissions can be achieved for all applications from DSNG to fixed location, high data rate services.
Technical Details


Transport Stream Inputs

2x DVB ASI Copper

Rear panel connector: BNC (F), 75 Ohm

+2x DVB ASI Copper (option)

Rear panel connector: BNC (F), 75 Ohm

+1x DVB SPI (option)

Rear panel connector: 25-way, D-type (F)

Transport Stream Data Specification ASI Data Rate

213 Mbps maximum

ASI Format

Byte and single packet burst mode

Packet Size

188-byte, 204-byte, unframed SPI

Data Rate

108 Mbps maximum

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