Tandberg RX1290 MPEG2 SD Receiver DVB-S2 8PSK 110386

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The RX1290 multi-format professional receiver, in combination with the TANDBERG Television’s MPEG-4 AVC encoders, enables increased distribution capacity due to their bandwidth reduction capabilities and increased encoding/decoding efficiencies. For satellite applications, the RX1290 can include a DVB-S2 demodulator, allowing an additional 30% increase in channel capacity.

The Industry’s most Versatile Decoder - a “Safe Choice” for the Future 

The RX1290 decodes all major video formats in use today in both SD and HD resolutions, providing complete flexibility for daily operations. The professional decoder is a “safe choice” for companies that are beginning to transmit MPEG-4 AVC and HD but continue to work in MPEG-2 and SD. With the RX1290 they can migrate at their own pace.

Simplified Control and Lower Cost of Operations 

Organizations with large populations of RX1290 receivers or other TANDBERG Television receivers can simplify control by integrating with TANDBERG Television’s DirectorV5 control system. DirectorV5 provides remote, over-air, single-view control from a central location, reducing the need for on-site local operators. 

Wide Range of Inputs and Outputs for Enhanced Connectivity 

The RX1290 can be integrated into a variety of system architectures, including ASI, IP and RF delivery systems through a choice of input cards. The receiver offers a multitude of audio and video outputs for high quality delivery to all major onward networks. 

Technical Details


RX1290 – Multi-format Receiver (RX1290/BAS)

The following features are available as standard:

• MPEG-2, SD 4:2:0 decoding
• MPEG-2, SD, 4:2:2 decoding
• MPEG-2, HD, 4:2:0 decoding
• 3xHDSDI,SDSDIorASIoutputs
• 1 x RGB or YPrPb analog video output • 1 x ASI input

• 2 x balanced analog audio outputs
• 2 x balanced digital audio outputs
• 4 x unbalanced digital audio outputs • Frame synchronization input
• RS-232 data output
• RS232/485 Control port
• Alarm relay
• BISS Mode 1 & E support
• Extensive VBI support

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