Tandberg RX1290 MPEG2 /MPEG4 SD & HD 4:2:0 Dual IP, ASI INPUTS Receiver Decoder FULL licenses

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  • Brand: TANDBERG
  • Model Number: RX1290
  • Product Code: BS19052
  • Quantity in stock: 10
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The Tandberg RX1290 multi-format professional receiver, in combination with the TANDBERG Television’s MPEG-4 AVC encoders enable increased distribution capacity due to their bandwidth reduction capabilities and increased encoding/decoding efficiencies. For satellite applications, the Tandberg RX1290 can include a DVB-S2 demodulator, allowing an additional 30% increase in channel capacity. 

Technical Details

The following features are available as standard:

  •  MPEG-2, SD 4:2:0 decoding
  •  MPEG-2, SD, 4:2:2 decoding
  •  MPEG-2, HD, 4:2:0 decoding
  •  3 x HD SDI, SD SDI or ASI outputs
  •  1 x RGB or YPrPb analog video output
  •  1 x ASI input
  •  2 x Balanced analog audio outputs
  •  2 x Balanced digital audio outputs
  •  4 x Unbalanced digital audio outputs
  •  Frame synchronization input
  •  RS-232 data output
  •  RS232/485 Control port
  •  Alarm relay
  •  BISS Mode 1 & E support
  •  Extensive VBI support

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