Tandberg MX8400 Multiplexer TB40577

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Tandberg MX8400 Multiplexer TB40577

A wide choice of cost-effective designs together with the integration of any new technology is strived for by all broadcasters and operators. The introduction of IP interconnectivity offers a means to reduce infrastructure costs, increase flexibility and offer a choice of system architectures.

The TANDBERG MX8400 revolutionizes IP multiplexing technology. Providing up to 8 independent multiplexed transport streams from a single enclosure, with built-in support for DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm for content protection, it facilitates numerous system architectures. Suitable for a wide range of multiplexing and re-multiplexing applications, its designed to offer system level redundancy and ease of operations.

MX8400 is a feature rich product that also supports ASI input and output, ProMPEG FEC and Reflex™ statistical multiplexing. Fully integrated with nCompass, MX8400 takes full advantages of the IP technology to provide a cost effective, highly reliable and flexible solution.

Technical Details



  • MX8400 model – 2RU, 8 option slots
  • Up to 8 independent multiplexed outputs
  • Up to 250 Mbit/s for an output transport stream
  • Maximum utilization of output gigabit bandwidth
  • Simultaneous availability of output transport streams via IP and ASI
  • Highly efficient multiplexing algorithms
  • Advanced re-multiplexing
  • Reflex™ statistical multiplexing
  • Onboard ASI input and output as standard
  • Port redundancy for Data, CA, Control and HSYNC
  • Redundant HSYNC Input and output clock
  • Control via TANDBERG nCompass Control system management V5.1 onwards
  • SNMP remote monitoring
  • IGMP v3 support

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