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Tandberg encoder

Tandberg encoder

Tandberg encoder allows you to broadcast your signal to maximum bandwidth so you reach more channels over satellite and digital cables. It provides the best quality picture at the lowest bit-rate, which in return ensures that you get the best value of an investment and allows the service provider to reach a broad area. For broadband, it offers xDSL network services which are the current trend of providing multiple services to a home network.

Tandberg Television has always provided market competitive Tandberg encoder equipment and packed all related accessories on a single product, so you'll get the maximum output. With 15 years of experience in the broadcasting market and award-wining performance, we create an experience that provides maximum return on network investment.

 Tandberg HD Satellite Encoder Features

 Market Leading Performance

Tandberg Television is an award-winning broadcasting firm that provides the best pre-processing equipment at the lowest price. We have a proven history of providing the best optimal market equipment so that the customers can stay ahead of time.

 Advanced Features for IPTV

With the current trend of online video and gaming streaming services, options for low bit-rate, IP multicasting, and PIP services enable the broadcasting the perfect choice over many xDSL application.

 Comprehensive Operational Cost

Tandberg encoder equipment offers depth and breadth as an operational mode which includes CBR and VBR. You can attach multiple accessories with a multiplex capability allows the customer to design their ideal encoding system for all of their broadcasting need. This reduces operational costs and increases the productivity of a product.

Appropriate for Many Application

Tandberg Satellite HD encoder can be used on a wide collection of applications available in the market. There are many customization options that you can opt for. The 2RU Chassis allows you to fit 12 alphanumeric keypad, 6 option cards, and 8 hotkeys for video monitoring. Combine this with distribution channels and you'll get multi-channel solutions for digital terrestrial, satellite, or cable.

 Reliable and Efficient Management Option

All Tandberg HD encoder system comes with an efficient management option. You can adjust the basic settings from the front panel, use a remote controller, or access advanced options on a Web browser. The Tandberg Compass control system integrates all your broadcasting products in a single platform so you maximum productivity while monitoring. This scalable management system reduces on-site cost operation and makes your system reliable for the coming years.

Brand: TANDBERG Model: E5784
TANDBERG Voyager E5784 HD DSNG Encoder with IF Modulator model Voyager E5784 IF (M2/VOY/E5784-IF) - MPEG-2 SD 422 or MPEG-2 HD -DVB-S2-8PSK (M2/ESO2/SM38PSK)-DVB-S2 16APSK (M2/ES02/SM3S216APSK) -8PSK (M2/ESO2/SM38PSK) or 16 QAM (M2/ESO2/SM316QAM) -4:2:2 HD Upgrade (UPG/HD/SWO/42..
Tandberg Voyager E5788 high definition Encoder Tandberg Voyager E5788 high definition Encoder
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Brand: TANDBERG Model: E5788
TANDBERG Voyager E5788 HD DSNG Encoder with L-Band Modulator model is Voyager E5788 L-band (M2/VOY/E5788-LBAND) -MPEG-2 SD 422 or MPEG-2 HD -E5788 variants support 4:2:2 HD 8PSK (M2/ESO2/SM38PSK) RAS (M2/ESO2/RAS)4:2:2 HD Upgrade (UPG/HD/SWO/422) BISS Option Card (M2/EDCOM2/BISS..
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