Tandberg Alteia Satellite Receiver and Decoder

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This chapter identifies the equipment versions covered by this manual; describes the purpose of the equipment in a typical system; provides a summary of its main features; identifies the controls, indicators and connectors in a guided tour of the front and rear panels; and lists the available options. 

Technical Details

The Receivers and Decoders are fully compliant with the appropriate sections of the MPEG-23, DVB-S4, DVB -T5 and DSNG6 specifications. The Alteia and Alteia plus range offer the following features:

Multiple RF Inputs (Satellite Receivers)

L-band Alteia (Satellite) Receivers have either 2 or 4 inputs (dependent on model). These are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4

An Over-air force retune command can be received from the Director system.

Front Panel Controls and Indications:

A three-row LCD display provides information and allows operator choice entry

Rotary switches and pushbuttons provide the control interface in conjunction with the LCD display

Operator defined top-level status screen is displayed as the default LEDs provide status information

Service Selection:

Chosen from a menu list of available services carried in the currently received transport stream (TS)

Up to 20 pre-selected choices stored within the unit Video Decoding:

4:2:0 mode support video resolutions up to 720 pixels x 576 active lines (25 frame/s) or 720 pixels x 480 active lines (30 frame/s)

4:2:2 mode support video resolutions up to 720 pixels x 608 active lines (25 frame/s) or 720 pixels x 512 active lines (30 frame/s)

Support for the following composite video outputs; PAL-B, -G, -I, -N Combination, -N Normal, –M (PAL-M fully supported on D variants only) and NTSC-M (with pedestal or without)

A video test point is available at the front panel Audio Decoding:

Sampling rates 32, 44.1, 48 kHz

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