Tandberg Alteia Plus Satellite Receiver

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The Receivers and Decoders are fully compliant with the appropriate sections of the MPEG-23, DVB-S4, DVB-T5 and DSNG6 specifications. The Alteia and Alteia plus range offers the following features:

-Multiple RF Inputs (Satellite Receivers)

-L-band Alteia (Satellite) Receivers have either 2 or 4 inputs

(dependent on model). These are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4

- An Over-air force retune command can be received from the Director system.



Front Panel Controls and Indications:

-A three row LCD display provides information and allows operator

choice entry

-Rotary switches and pushbuttons provide the control interface in conjunction with the LCD display

-Operator defined top-level status screen is displayed as the default

-LEDs provide status information

Technical Details

Transport Stream Output

One 25-way D-type connector carrying the decoded transport stream in DVB-SPI format.

The following restrictions apply to the transport stream output of the M2/PDU/942C[D] Decoder model:

  •   The SPI output is only available if the input to the Decoder is SPI. The Decoder does not act as an ASI to SPI converter.

  •   If the ASI output option card is used (see Chapter 5, Options) the output mode depends on the input mode. If the input mode is SPI, the ASI output is byte-mode. If the input is ASI, the ASI output is single packet burst mode.

    Video Outputs M2/PSR/932[C]

 Two analogue composite video outputs carried on BNC connectors. 

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