Symetrix 628 Digital Voice Processor

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  • Brand: Symetrix
  • Model Number: 628
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OVER A DECADE AGO SYMETRIX INTRODUCED THE VOICE PROCESSOR to the audio industry. Now Symetrix unveils the 628 Digital Voice Processor, our latest design to meet the needs of vocalists and voice talent. The 628 rolls a premium quality microphone preamplifier, 20 bit A/D and D/A converters, de-esser, expander/gate, compressor and parametric equalizer into a single rack space unit. The 628 combines proven digital signal processing and an easy to use analog-like interface with the power of factory and user programmable presets.

Technical Details
  • Easy, intuitive operation - No
  • menus to step through
  • Precise parameter adjustment
  • with rotary knobs
  • 128 processing presets
  • Plug & Play operation with 8
  • factory presets
  • Independent metering of
  • processing functions
  • AES3 or S/P DIF digital output
  • Microphone and line level inputs
  • Optional remote preset controller

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