Switchcraft 389 XLR to XLR Female Cable Extender

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  • Brand: Switchcraft
  • Model Number: 389
  • Product Code: BS17606
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This adaptor/coupler is used to connect together 2 x XLR leads that have male connectors.

Various connector standards in the professional and semiprofessional audio and video world lead to many interconnection challenges.

Neutrik has made it a rule to serve our customers' needs in all its connector offerings and has therefore produced a variety of problem solvers.

With our adapter series, we have a solution for the most known interconnection difficulties and in addition we offer modules for the most common connector types to fulfill more specific needs.

Miniature impedance balancing adapters are the answer to the most common noise and grounding problems and for customized designs, we recommend our proven audio transformers in combination with our modules.

Neutrik offers a wide range of audio adapters, transformers, AES / EBU adapters and gooseneck products.  From problem solvers to connection quick fixes, Neutrik has the most popular audio connectivity solutions.  All Neutrik adapters and connectors are soldered with lead free RoHS compliant solder

Technical Details

• 3-pin XLR coupler female plug to female plug. 
• Ideal for connecting two cables or extending existing cables.
• Comes in all metal housing.

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