Switchcraft 390 3-Pin Male To Male XLR Adapter

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  • Model Number: 390
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Male To Male XLR Coupler

The 3-Pin Male To Male XLR Adapter from Switchcraft is a coupler that can be used to join two female XLR connectors.

Technical Details

Mechanical Specifications

Life: 1000 minimum insertion / withdrawal cycles Wire Sizes: 14-26 AWG Operating Forces: Insertion: 8lb. nominal, 10lb. maximum Withdrawal: 5lb. nominal, 7lb. maximum

Electrical Specifications

Voltage Rating: 500 VRMS Current Rating: 15A with 14 AWG wiring 12A with 16 AWG wiring 10A with 18 AWG wiring 8A with 20 AWG wiring 6A with 22 AWG wiring 4A with 24 AWG wiring 3A with 26 AWG wiring Insulation Resistance: 1000 MΩ minimum, initial Contact Resistance: 50 mΩ maximum Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 1000 V (rms) Capacitance: ≤3 pF between contacts ≤6 pF between contacts and shell

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature Rating: -40ºC to +65ºC (-40ºF to +149°F) Moisture Resistance: Mil-Std 202G Method 106G Insulation Resistance: Mil-Std 202G Method 302 condition B Thermal Shock: Mil-Std 202G Method 107G Salt Atmosphere (Corrosion): Mil-Std 202G Method 101E condition B Weathertight Ratings: Panel, Cord & In-Line Connectors: IP66 when mated Panel-Mount Connectors: IP68, NEMA 250(6P) unmated

Material Specifications

Shell: Die-cast Zinc Alloy, Nickel or Black finish Insulator Insert: Thermoplastic, Green Contacts, Pins or Sockets: Copper Alloy, Silver or Gold plated Ground Spring Terminal: Copper Alloy, Tin plated Latch: Die-cast Zinc Alloy, Nickel plated Handle: Die-cast Zinc Alloy, Nickel plated or Black Finish Black Thermoplastic option available Cable Clamp: Thermoplastic, Black Seal Boot, Ring, Cable Strain Relief: Elastomer

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