Soundcraft Gb4 24 Console With 24-channel Mixer

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  • Brand: Soundcraft
  • Model Number: Gb4
  • Product Code: BS18807
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Technical Details
  • Thank you for buying the GB4 mixing console. its main features are:
  • Individually switched 48V phantom power on every mono input module.
  • 8 Aux sends.
  • 4 Group sends (paired).
  • 4 Mute Groups.
  • 7+4 Output Matrix.
  • Limiter on record output.
  • New GB30 mic pre-amp.
  • 4-band GB30 EQ.
  • Integral power supply, with an external power supply link option.
  • All metal TRS jacks and Neutrik XLRs.
  • Direct outputs on all mono input channels.

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