SONY VMI-40MD Image multiplexer

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Sony is introducing the VMI-40MD Image Multiplexer to its comprehensive medical product line-up. The VMI-40MD allows up to four video images to be integrated into one single image, for simultaneous display or recording* of surgical and other medical video images along with vital related data. This versatile image multiplexer supports a variety of inputs and outputs for flexible operation.

When used together with the Sony PCS-XG80 HD Video Communication System, medical experts can collaborate and share the information displayed on the VMI-40MD to remote locations across the globe. In addition, the image multiplexer can be connected to Sony’s HVO-1000MD medical-grade video recorder to capture and document video and vital related data simultaneously.

The VMI-40MD Image Multiplexer provides an effective solution to meet the increasing demands of telemedicine and medical image recording.

SONY VMI-40MD Image multiplexer 

Technical Details

A variety of image-multiplex patterns

The VMI-40MD combines multiple video images into one. It enables medical experts to view multiple images simultaneously on a single display screen.

Still-image capture

By connecting external USB memory, the VMI-40MD can capture and store multiplexed video still images for documentation purposes.

Wide range of inputs and outputs

The VMI-40MD accepts many input signals including SD/HD-SDI, composite, DVI-D, and analog RGB. This allows connection to a full range of medical equipment supporting video output. The multiplexed image can be output in HD-SDI, composite, HDMI, analog RGB, analog component, and other outputs.

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