SONY UVW-1400AP RGB videocassette recorder Betacam SP 480 Hours

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  • Brand: SONY
  • Model Number: UVW-1400AP
  • Product Code: BS18716
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SONY UVW-1400AP RGB videocassette recorder Betacam SP 480 Hours
Technical Details

Outstanding picture quality, thanks to Betacam SP format

More than 100 minutes of recording/playback time using L-size metal Betacam SP cassettes Two longitudinal audio channel with the Dolby C-type Noise Reduction system shown in unique bargraph

indicators Dedicated longitudinal time code track

Built-in Time Base Stabilizer with advanced high quality digital dropout compensation Built-in EBU time code (LTC/User-bit) generator and reader

25-pin remote control interface complied with RS-232C interface for external computer operation Y/R-Y/B-Y component signal inputs and outputs via BNCconnectors are switchable to RGB input/output connector

S-video (Y/C separate) input/output connectors

Foot switch control capability

Trigger remote out for video printers (stereo mini jack)

Back space editing for smooth transitions between scenes with optional remote controller

High speed picture search provides recognizable colour picture at up to 5 times normal speed in forward and reverse (16 times in monochrome)

Built-in character generator to monitor display information such as VTR status, time code, self-diagnostic messages, setup menu,and so on Auto repeat function

Initial setup menu to preset various detailed operational parameters Digitalhours meter

Built-in self diagnostics with detailedwarning messages

Compact and lightweight (4 unitshigh, approx. 19 kg/41 lb 14 oz), 19-inch rack mountable and low power consumption (85W)

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