Sony UHF Band Antenna Divider WD-820A Frequency Range 770-806 MHz

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The WD-880A is a rack-mountable UHF antenna divider which enables simultaneous operation of up to 24 channels of the 800 MHz band wireless microphone system.

Up to 24-channel simultaneous operation

By using the WD-880A with the Sony synthesized wireless microphone system, up to 24 channels of simultaneous operation can be available between TV channel 59 and 61 bands. Up to eight channels can be operated in each TV channel band, for a total of 24 channels. See “System Configuration” on pages 9 to 12.

Stable reception minimizing interference and distortion

Even when the unit is used exclusively for a certain TV channel band, it is almost free from interference and distortion from other bands and achieves stable reception.

LED indicators to show the output connection statuses

The unit is equipped with LED indicators which show you the statuses of the outputs of the respective divided bands and connections with other antenna dividers (WD-820A, etc.) or the tuners (WRR-820A/840A/850A, etc.).
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